Tail Bone Pain Coping Techniques Before You See A Doctor

Tail Bone Pain Coping Techniques Before You See A Doctor


Tail Bone Pain Coping Techniques Before You See A Doctor

Tail Bone Pain - The causes of tailbone pain vary. In general, sitting in a place that has a hard surface for a long time is the reason most people experience tailbone pain. However, it can also cause by serious injury. For example, has a fall or a tail fracture.

Compared to men, women are five points more susceptible to this disorder. In addition to the causes mentioned above, women may also experience it when they are in their final trimester. Of course, the ligaments around the tailbone stretch to give the baby the way out. They are causing the tailbone to hurt.

Treatment of Tailbone Pain

The tail, bone pain can disappear by itself within a few weeks or months. But while still sick, you can feel it when you urinate, have sex, sit down, change position from sitting to standing, or standing for a long time.

For the pain of the tailbone to subside quickly, there are several steps to treatment that you can take:

    Muscle massage

    You can massage the muscles that attach to the coccyx gently, to help ease the pain of the coccyx.


    Physiotherapy or physical therapy do by doing physical exercise with special techniques to reduce complaints. For example by doing basic relaxation techniques on the pelvis to make it easier when urinating or large.

    Take medication

    Tail Bone Pain - The doctor may provide treatment, to reduce pain in the coccyx. Such as anti-pain medication, antidepressant drugs, or giving a local anaesthetic injection to the coccyx to minimise discomfort for several weeks.

Before the treatment above, you are advised to consult a doctor first to get information and referrals to an orthopaedic specialist. In some instances, the operation is also the last step known as coccygectomy. This option is usually only recommended when all other treatments fail or are no longer sufficient.
How to Relieve Tailbone Pain

If you don't have a specialist who can help with the treatment, several ways can help relieve a coccyx pain:

    Avoid sitting long

    Avoid sitting too long and try to stand or walk every few hours you sit. Is especially recommended for those of you who work as office workers. Also, you are also advised to change your sitting position by leaning forward so you can relieve the pain of the tailbone you are experiencing.

    Use a special pillow

    You can choose a special pillow to sit on. The goal is to reduce pressure on the coccyx or spine. The design of this pillow has made in such a way that the back gives a gap to match the needs of people with coccyx pain.

    Take painkillers

    To reduce pain in the coccyx, you can take painkillers that help reduce inflammation and pain. Read the rules of use entirely on the packaging label and do not consume more than the prescribed dose. To be safer, consult your doctor first.

Various ways can be done to deal with coccyx pain. If the coccyx pain does not decrease or lasts up to six months or more, you should consult a doctor for proper treatment.
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