How To Treat A Baby Often Fart

How To Treat A Baby Often Fart

How To Treat A Baby Often Fart

Baby Often Fart - Frequent farting babies are common because they often cry and suck on nipples, so a lot of air can enter and get trapped in the stomach. Babies can release gas between 15-20 times a day. What is essential to know by parents is to distinguish the condition of a baby often farting which is normal or a sign of interference with the baby's stomach.

If the baby often farts, it is only fussy for a few moments when removing gas, which is normal. However, parents need to be conscious of the condition of a frequent farting baby followed by belching, flatulence, crying, fussing and a hard stomach when touched.

Ways to Overcome Gas Stomach Infants

Frequent farting babies are a sign that there is too much gas in the stomach. Some of the following can be done to make the baby's tummy more comfortable:

    Prevent babies from swallowing excessive air

    In order not to eat a lot of air, try feeding before the baby cries from hunger. When crying due to starvation, the baby tends to take the wind which as a result makes his stomach bloated. Then feed the baby with the head slightly upright to help the milk flow smoothly into the stomach. When the baby suckles with a bottle, set the pacifier hole so that it is not too big or too small to prevent the baby from swallowing a lot of air.

    Help baby belch

    Infants often will be a little help when he belches. When belching, the gas trapped in the stomach can come out my mouth. If necessary, keep the baby to belch when changing sides while breastfeeding. If the baby suckles from a bottle, do this every few minutes

    Do the light exercise for your little one

    To facilitate the removal of gas from the stomach, parents can move your baby's feet as if he were riding a bicycle. The trick, stretch the baby on the bed and hold both legs. Then move gently alternately like pedalling a bike. This movement is considered to reduce discomfort in the baby's stomach and push air bubbles out through the intestine.

    Massage the baby's stomach

    Another way that can do so that the gas in the baby's stomach gets out more efficiently is by massaging the baby's tummy. Do it gently and carefully. In addition to helping to relieve gas. The message is gentle on the belly of the baby will make the stomach feel more comfortable, more relaxed baby.

    Using gas repellent drugs

    If needed, parents can also give medication to reduce gas deposits in the baby's stomach. We recommend that you seek the doctor's advice to get the right medicine. Parents can also request information about the risk of adverse side effects of the drug.

Although babies often fart because the amount of gas in the stomach is considered normal and can create, there are certain conditions that you should watch out. Is especially when it followed by a problematic baby CHAPTER vomiting or removing faeces accompanied by blood. If these things have arisen, you should consult your doctor immediately to the doctor.
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